The 15 Best Online Shopping Sites for 2023

The 15 Best Online Shopping Sites for 2023

France is one of Europe’s “big three” when it comes to the e-commerce business. Together with Germany and the United Kingdom, our country represents a huge part of the e-commerce industry on the old continent.


E-commerce is indeed a very mature sector of activity in France. It has experienced strong growth since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic and continues to gain momentum this year. There are more than 200,000 active e-commerce sites in France and the most popular is unsurprisingly Amazon, which always attracts more unique visitors per month. But France also has national champions like Cdiscount, Veepee, La Redoute, Fnac, etc.

E-commerce is indeed a very mature sector of activity in France. It has experienced strong growth since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic and continues to gain momentum this year. There are more than 200,000 active e-commerce sites in France and the most popular is unsurprisingly Amazon, which always attracts more unique visitors per month. But France also has national champions like Cdiscount, Veepee, La Redoute, Fnac, etc.

This trend is not about to change, as in the first quarter of 2021 we observed a 30% high in online purchases and increased visits to marketplaces.

Whether you’re already a fan of online shopping or new to it, here is a list of the 15 best e-commerce sites and platforms for 2023, in almost every category of products and services you can buy. order online.

1- Amazon
The world knows Amazon, and the reputation of the largest online retailer is second to none. Founded in the United States by Jeff Bezos in 1994, the online sales platform began by selling books before diversifying its offer to include just about everything you can buy today. In 2022, Amazon will still be by far the largest online store for just about all your needs and will continue to be the busiest e-commerce platform in the world.

Amazon serves an impressive number of countries and offers an impeccable shopping experience whose process is completely streamlined to make the customer’s shopping journey as simple as possible, from order to delivery.

2- CDiscount
Founded in 1998 in Bordeaux, this marketplace is the online sales platform that is rising in France, and it is now number two in e-commerce in France, just behind Amazon. CDiscount, which has belonged to the Casino group since 2000, offers a wide range of products including high-tech, IT, household appliances, fashion, furniture, etc. It also offers more than 4500 food references. Interestingly for e-merchants, CDiscount and Shopify have recently entered into a partnership that allows Shopify users to sell their products on the CDiscount online site.

3- The Good Corner
Le Bon Coin, a famous free classifieds site, remains one of the most visited websites in the country, just after the giants Google and Facebook. Even if the platform suffered at the beginning of last year, during the first months of confinement, it rebounded well afterwards and posted days to more than 19 million visitors! Number one in the fields of automobiles, real estate and even employment, Le Bon Coin offers almost everything that can be sold, and the fact t4- eBay

hat the site is accessible without prior registration is part of the recipe for its success for many years.

Created by Frenchman Pierre Omidyar, the US-based marketplace remains a safe bet in global e-commerce and an attractive option for dropshipping. But eBay is primarily an online auction site, allowing you to place bids on the items you want to buy. Shopping on eBay can therefore be a fun and rewarding process, and provide its users with an interesting online shopping experience, especially since their commission rates are very attractive. It is a famous marketplace for those looking for unique and rare items.

5- Fnac
The COVID-19 pandemic may have hurt the Fnac-Darty group at the level of its physical stores, but it has at least had the effect of boosting the online turnover of the famous chain of stores specializing in cultural and electronic products (books, music, films, video games, computers, television, photos, etc.), a sector in which it is only outstripped by the giant Amazon in France.

Fnac, which also has a presence in Spain, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg, attracts traffic of several million visitors to its website each month and the digital channel will represent almost 30% of its turnover in 2021.

AliExpress is a very popular online store to buy products at much cheaper prices than Amazon and other similar online shopping platforms. Founded in 2010, Aliexpress is owned by Alibaba, the large Chinese multinational e-commerce and IT company.

AliExpress sells a wide range of products and items, from men’s and women’s fashion, toys and electronics, beauty products, jewelry, furniture, and even cars and motorcycles. AliExpress also offers consumers full refunds on products that arrive damaged, late, or never arrive at their destination.

7- Rakuten
Nicknamed the “ Japanese Amazon ”, Rakuten is the largest e-commerce site in the land of the rising sun and it began its development outside its birthplace about ten years ago, with for example the acquisitions of the French online sales platform PriceMinister and the Canadian digital book specialist Kobo Inc.

With Rakuten, consumers can benefit from an advantageous “cashback” system that offers discounts between 1% and 40% on almost all available products. The Japanese company has also forged partnerships with more than 2,500 retailers and major brands such as Walmart, Amazon and Sephora.


Founded in 1996 in Amsterdam, was created as a small start-up, but it has become one of the digital leaders in the fields of digital travel and tourism, thanks to an ultra-competitive pricing strategy and a website which presents a remarkable UX and technological innovations always at the service of the customer.

Their site is available in 43 languages and features over 28 million accommodation listings, including over 6.2 million homes, apartments and other unique places to stay, with customer service available 24/7. /7.

9- Veepee
Formerly known as “ Vente-Privée ”, Veepee is an e-commerce platform specializing in event sales and clothing clearance. This French company is very successful with its flash sales and private online sales strategy, which allows consumers to find good deals and brands to sell off their unsold stocks. Veepee has expanded its operations in Europe and even in the United States.

10- Baker
Boulanger now has quite a reputation for buying household appliances and electronics online. This chain of stores founded in Lille in the 1950s and now controlled by the Mulliez family has perfectly negotiated the turn of digital transformation and customers appreciate the ease of home delivery and the possibility of withdrawal in store, click type and collect, a concept launched in 2010 by the group, which is considered a pioneer in the field.

11- The Redoubt
For online ready-to-wear purchases, La Redoute is still a reference and the distance selling company has regained a second youth over the past ten years, to the point of being one of the very first retail stores. hexagon electronics. The company from the North offers many major brands of clothing and ready-to-wear on its own site, but also many articles in the home and decoration category.

12- Leroy Merlin
The DIY chain Leroy Merlin did well during the health crisis, and the implementation of Drive systems for the collection of items in stores and various technological tools during this period (AI, visual recognition, voice assistant, etc.) which brought him more than 30% more online visitors.

Since May 2020, the brand has had its own marketplace on which there is a list of more than 170,000 references of DIY and gardening items.

13- Go Sports
Founded in 1979, Go Sport is a chain of clothing and sports equipment stores that is one of the best online sales sites in the category. On its website, you will find an impressive variety of sports equipment for all disciplines, including all the biggest brands such as Nike, Adidas, Le Coq Sportif, etc.

In the field of online mass distribution, Leclerc is in the lead, ahead of Carrefour and Amazon. At Leclerc, you can now make all your purchases via their platform, from school supplies to household appliances, including food products.

The major French brand launched its digital revolution in 2015 with an investment of more than one billion euros, and it is now reaping the benefits.

15- Nifdo

Nifdo is a USA brand who is manufactureing whitening creams for women and for men, and also developing whitening serum for women and for men.

Binance is a unique trading and trading platform specializing in cryptocurrencies. You can acquire, buy or sell more than 100 cryptocurrencies and their Hong Kong-based site even accepts payments in Euros or Dollars.

When it comes to cryptocurrency trading volume, Binance is the largest platform in the world, and it pays for itself with a tiny commission on each trade.

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